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Alexis Massey- Professional Ballroom Dancer

Alexis Massey

Professional Ballroom and Latin Dancer


Certified Instructor

LA-Based Choreographer

Alexis Massey - Certified Instructor, LA based Choreographer
Watch me teach Kevin Hart and the Dolan twins how to dance! :)
Watch one of my
wedding couples in Bali!

“Alexis is a total professional. She brings such an energy to set and is an incredible dancer and instructor. Looking forward to working together again very soon.”


Nick A.  (Producer on Kevin Hart's "What the Fit")


"Just started salsa lessons, and Alexis is an amazing teacher. She is great about form and has made this somewhat awkward experience really enjoyable! Love working with her!


- Kelly K. 

"If anyone is even just considering taking lessons they should take at least one lesson from her and they’ll be hooked. She’s funny, inspiring, and a perfectionist, but not in a heavy handed way. I can’t imagine taking lessons from anyone else!"


- Isidor S.

"I find her extremely motivating, and she is very good at breaking down dance moves. Also, her impromptu demonstrations of dance moves make excellent teaching videos for later reference. Without ever taking notes she always knows what was done in previous lessons, and what will be needed next. Alexis’ lessons are very intense…she focuses completely on her student and makes him or her work. Her level of technique is very high, and she insists on quality rather than quantity. Thanks to her, ladies are often impressed with my ability to lead. Also, they frequently approach me about practicing with them."


- Joachim S.

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